Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bachelorette Party

To say I felt special would be an understatement. When you plan a lot of birthdays, weddings, parties, and baby showers, you don't get surprised very often. So when they asked if I wanted to know what was going on, I said no. I was glad I didn't ask. It was fun to go through the whole day being clueless not knowing what was going to happen next.  The morning started out with Heidi dropping off this bag and note. 

Inside it stated that it was about to be a day all about me and that I shouldn't eat. :-)

Then in the bag, she had framed two of our engagement photos in frames that match the colors of my new bedroom.  Tami knows me so well!

Whit picked me up at 9am and gave me the next note which she did premature.  That's how I found out that my mom had flown in early to surprise me because the card said I was going to get nails down with my mom and sisters. Whoops! haha

Grandma also called my phone 4 times that morning so I started having an inkling that she might be part of the morning surprise as well. :-)  No one told her what time breakfast started! haha

We had a nice breakfast at Bob Evans.  I tried to be good because I figured I'd be eating ALOT that day.

Then we were off to Nail Trix for pedicures.

After pedicures, I got my next note.  You can see I'm concentrating hard.  It said we were going to the pool and that my pool bag was already packed.  What I'm probably thinking is, oh great, what suit did they pack for me? haha  Whit was smart!  She brought every suit I owned so I could pick!  Good girl! haha

Then I got magazines and snacks for the pool.

You can probably tell by shoes and color whose are whose. :-)

After a brief stop off at Whit's to make Kait's last minute puppy chow, we were off to Kirk's for a pool day with my bridesmaids and lunch there as well.  Nice work on the bean sprouts Bek!  Lunch was delish!  And Hols, thanks for sparing us from the Gracie song playlist at the pool. JK

Dinner was at Station 220 where we met up with the rest of my friends for dinner.

At each place setting had a star with our names on it as to where we were to sit.  It was a Hollywood themed party.  So fun!

Back at the house, we were greeted with the "Hollywood sign", a red carpet, a step and repeat banner and the "paparazzi". :-)  I got to take pictures with everyone before the went into the house.

The movie premiere was that they had taped Brian and asked him all kinds of questions and then I had to answer the way I thought he would.  They had told me he hadn't cooperated on this so he had to take a serious tongue lashing from me days earlier. haha

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better day.  By the end I started to feel overwhelmed by how much work and effort had gone into making everything so fun and special for me.  I felt very undeserving.  I truly walked away feeling like I have been so enormously blessed with amazing friends that I could call on for anything and people that support me and love me no matter what.  Thanks again to everyone that was there and participated in my day o fun! Truly a day I will never forget!


  1. I'm glad you liked it!! It was fun to plan and the other girls did an AMAZING job planning it as well!

  2. you DESERVE IT!!! Promise I will throw you your baby shower!!! at least for one of your 5 children! :-) Love you Tara! Praying for your day and all the days to follow!!!