Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cake Tasting.....Done

My cake is going to look nothing like this unfortunately because my mom says it doesn't go with my garden theme! :-(  haha  We went for our cake tasting on Saturday.  Talk about a great breakfast!  What more could you want then 4 different cake types, with four different frostings and four differents fillings to try! Yum!  So all the cake was super moist and we were just dying over their bavarian creme fillings.  So since were doing Sprinkles Cupcakes as well, we are just doing a small two tiered cake so we have something to cut into.  It will be marble on the bottom with a bavarian chocolate creme filling with a white chocolate buttercream frosting.  Then the top layer will be chocolate with a vanilla bavarian creme with a white chocolate buttercream frosting as well.  We were so in love with this place, that we actually are going to lessen the order from Sprinkles, so we can get this bakeries mini cupcakes as well.  Brian isn't a huge fan of enormous cupcakes, so I thought he may not be the only one that would like to have a little variety and put a couple cupcakes on their plate. :-)

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