Friday, June 3, 2011

Napkin Rings

My latest project has been the napkin rings.  There were multiple phases of the napkin rings.  I couldn't possibly have just done a simple ribbon.  haha Of course I had to make one that required like 10 steps. :-)  Here's the process:

Here are the base buttons

 Then you take the form and cut out your fabric shape

The fabric then goes into this rubber button maker

Then the top of the buton goes face down in the button maker

Then you push the fabric and the button face down into the rubber button maker

 The button back then goes over top

 Then you take the other half of the button maker and push down till it snaps together

Then you have a finished button

Whit helped me finish all of these.  I went into my room to do some trainings and before she left she said she had worked on some buttons.  I came out to find that she had finished them for me. :-)

Then all the buttons had to be glued onto ribbons

And velcro was added to attach the back.

Napkin Rings are now done


  1. Good job tara! Can't believe you finished them already.

  2. Very cute. they turned out better than i was expecting.