Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wine is Here!

The wine is in and so are about another thousand boxes at my parents house!  Boy will they be glad to see this wedding over with! haha I think my mom secretly likes it all though. :-)  So we decided to do just beer and wine for the reception to keep it simple and not have the need of an actual bartender to mix drinks.  So I called upon my wine enthusiast friend Holly to give me some wine options.  I knew I wanted Saracco for sure.  It's the only wine I drink. :-)  It's basically so sweet I feel like I'm having sparkling apple juice and still calling it alcohol! haha  Holly gave me the idea for the Estancia Cabernet and a nice woman at Costco recommended the Cupcake Chardonnay.  Just the name and label alone was cute enough to buy it. But no worries, we did actually try a bottle before we bottle 12 bottles of it! :-)  It's was good.  Not to sweet, not too dry.  Kind of somewhere in the middle.

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