Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Craft Night

Craft night was a huge success!  Holly, Ash, Whit, Kate and Tami all came over and helped me last night.  We threw on The Bachelorette and everyone worked while they caught up on their reality tv! haha  We got a ton of stuff and I'm so grateful for the help because it has been looming over my head for week trying to do things one by one on my own.  So thanks girls!  You're a lifesaver!

I had spray painted the frames for the table numbers but we were able to get them touched up last night.

Kait is holding something at this moment, but she was really there more for the social hour! haha JK

Holly was the corner rounding pro and knocked out all my programs.....well at least the two pages that are printed.  Her thumbs will recover before I have her come back to finish the last three pages! haha

Whit and Tami were in charge of topiaries, and painting the frames.

We got the 2nd topiary done besides one little bald spot on the back of its head. haha

3rd topiary that hasn't been started.  I'll leave that for next craft night. :-) 

What did I do, well it felt like a whole lot of nothing. haha  Everyone asked me what they could do, so I would wander around and find stuff for them, get them all set up with tools and then go to the next person.  I think I more facilitated than worked! haha

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  1. Wish I could have come over...looks like fun. I do need to finish my craft here first though I guess. I don't know when I'm going to finish your pillows. haha.