Monday, July 11, 2011

Engagement Pictures

I got Tami's permission before I put these up so I'm not doing anything against the rules. haha We did our engagement shoot about a month ago now.  Brian was a little unsure of the whole process so I was trying to ease the awkwardness and suggested taking them out at the farm so we could get one with his other love.......his tractor! haha He liked that idea but he kind of got the wrong impression.  He thought we would be in the fields running the tractor and Tami would just stand at the turn and we'd just open the down as we made the turn and she'd snap a photo.  Not exactly what I had in mind! haha  So we got some with his tractor, just not in motion. :-) 

I love this picture of Brian.  He loves that tractor just like a little boy would love his cherished toy tractor and I think this picture shows it.  So cute!  Tami said, do you want Tara to get on the steps with you and he said, no just me! haha

 Brian was so proud of these corn pictures because they were his idea and he thought the corn was looking mighty fine in these photos.  :-)  They did turn out neat so I did have to give him props.  I shot down the ones of us in the bean field though with our arms spread wide displaying the beans! haha
 This is another one of Brian's ideas.  We were actually in the ditch in front of his dad's house.  What you can't see are my sopping wet flip flops. haha
So what Tami didn't tell you about this photo shoot on her blog is that we locked our keys in the car at the pond about 5 miles away from the house.  This would be one of the pictures we took on our walk back.  We had no phones on us and no way to get back besides walk through about knee high grass.  Thankfully some kind neighbors took pity on us about halfway back! haha

 I love this one!  Probably one of my favorites!  Although something about it makes me think of that painting the farmer and his wife.  I feel like one of us needs a pitchfork! haha
 This would have been another favorite had it not been for my fly away bangs! haha

 This picture makes me laugh.  I feel like I look like a drill sargent and he's standing at attention. haha

I love this one if I could just crop out my long gangly fingers! haha


  1. Never thought you would marry a boy that had a tractor but it SO WORKS!!! :-)

  2. Tam did such a good job! You guys look so cute together.