Monday, May 16, 2011


Invites are a funny thing aren't they? Why is there always this tug of war between wanting a really cute invite and at the same time not spending a fortune because you know no one cares or even pays attention to the invite you send. I mean I have never once taken a second thought to a wedding invite I have received. You get it out, scroll for the date, read those dreaded words "and guest" and then tape it to your fridge and go on your merry way! haha So why do I care so much that I have a cute invite? Why not just send out an evite? It's cheap, it's efficient, I'm saving trees and who doesn't like the idea of being able to respond back by email? Well as much as I'm ok with replying by email rather than sending out response cards and giving $0.44 a card to the post office(highway robbery if you ask me!), I'm not ok just yet with a wedding e-vite. However it's very appealing! haha

So my thoughts were to get some pink cardstock and take pictures in one of those photobooths at the mall and copy the photos and put those on the front with cute green ribbon. As much as I liked the idea, I wasn't sure I could pull it off without it looking super homemade and kind of cheesy, not to mention the fact that I wasn't sure it was my cheapest option.

The next choice was this invite I had found on I'm not a huge gerbera daisy fan but I thought these invites were cute, they were like $1.11 an invite and it said the ribbon and daisies were included. I thought perfect. They're cute enough, I'll just do that.......

And then I got the sample in the mail. You can't tell from this picture completely but the ribbon and flower are printed on the card. So yes, they are definitely included but not quite what I had in mind! haha On to Plan C

We got Whit's invites at Target and they were super affordable and very easy to run through our home computer to print, so I thought I'd try there. I had seen months ago some invites that were white card stock with a hot pink band running through the middle. I wasn't super cracked about them, but I figured they'd work and I can't say that I really care terribly much about the invites. Well when I got there, they didn't have them anymore but they did have these. I thought they were really cute and fitting for my garden themed wedding, so there you have it I have an invitation! :-)

And the best part is, the invitations are done!  I had started on them months ago but Brian kept adding more and more people to the list so I had more work to do this weekend. :-)  I promised Whit that I wouldn't send mine out before her wedding for just sake or keeping the insanity to a minimum, so I kept to my word, but I put them in the mailbox yesterday and it felt good to have one more thing out of the way.


  1. I love them! MUCH better than the fake flower and bow!!! I (apparently unlike others) take a lot of notice of the invite!!! I look at the invite on my fridge for a couple months, so it's always great to have a cute one!!! :)

  2. I agree with Tam. I always like a nice invite. I don't care if the person doesn't, but it is fun to look at a nice one when you have it up for months.