Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So now that Whit's wedding is over, I can focus fully on mine again.  Currently I'm up to my eyeballs in tan suits from Perry Ellis.  We went to the Aurora Outlet mall a couple weeks ago and found they had tan suits at Perry Ellis for $100 due to the semi annual sale.  I immediately thought it would be a great idea for Brian's wedding outfit, so he tried it on, it fit, and we went on our marry way.  After we got home, I realized that getting the same suit for all his groomsman would make just as much sense since the price was so good.  So then I went and tracked down every guy's suit jacket size and started ordering.  The hard part was no one knew their jacket sizes, so needless to say I've been shipping suits back and forth from the store for the last 2 weeks! haha  He also doesn't have all of his groomsmen confirmed yet so were ordering for them just to get the discounted rate and then returning if they're not able to come.  So my office looks like this right about now.

And I have three more in my car and shipped out 4 others to the guys that are not local.

It's just a plain tan suit but has the look of linen without being linen

Brian wanted to wear his new suit to Whit's wedding and I think he looked pretty sharp if I don't say so myself. :-)

Brent wanted to wear his as well but he couldn't match Brian entirely so he didn't wear the jacket. :-)  My boys look schnazzy!


  1. I think the suit looked sharp!!

  2. I did notice the suit and thought he looked great in it. I did wonder why they were dressed in the same pants...now it makes sense. I thought it was a twin thing. haha