Monday, May 9, 2011


So Whitney's bachelorette party all came together.  The theme I went with was "An Evening with The Kardashians".  Whit is obssessed with them that she a lot of times patterns her clothes, make up and style off of what they do.  So after I thought through the idea a little bit, I came up with some ideas to bring it to life.

Elsa let us borrow her Range Rover to complete the Kardashian theme by driving Whitney to dinner in true Kardashian style and the kind of vehicle they drive.  She loved every minute of it and kept saying how Isaac would be soooo jealous since that is his favorite car. :-)

This is what hung on the door as the girls arrived.  They were all told to wear their most Kardashian inspired outfit.

I made a step and repeat banner and had a Kourtney lifesize cutout for everyone to get their picture taken in front of

All of the food were Whitney and Kardashian favorites

All of the cupcakes had the Kardashian and Whitney's photos on them. 

Instead of a tiara, we had Whitney wear big oversided Bride sunglasses just like the Kardashians wear

Heather so excited for the ride to dinner! haha

Whit couldn't figure out why everyone was going outside before her with cameras.  She was a little caught off guard when she saw the Range Rover and realized it was her ride to dinner.

We had dinner at Reality Bites and had some great tapas food.

Tami was our in house paparazzi for the evening capturing all the details and red carpet pictures.

The group kept growing as the evening went on and we kept having to add chairs.

Whit's California friends took the Kardashian theme VERY seriously dressing and doing their hair exactly like them! :-)

Katie, Heather, Grace and Shannon were like peas in a pod.  Such a fun group!

I had Tami superimpose Whitney into these pictures with the Kardashians.  She did an awesome job!

This one is my favorite! Just Whit out shopping with Kourtney.  You know, just everyday errands. haha

I can't get this one to flip for some reason. 

Overall, the whole evening was a lot of fun.  It was a great time for the bridesmaids to meet and get to know one another.  We came back to the house and had Kardashian inspired drinks, played some Kardashian and Whitney trivia with "swag" bags as the prizes, and opened gifts.  Whit seemed to enjoy herself so I'd say the evening was a hit!

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