Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beach House

Our biggest decision lately has been beach house or no beach house?  And if we do a beach house, which beach house should we book?  I originally wanted to have a bonfire on the beach for our "rehearsal" dinner.  Brian mentioned that he thought it would be nice to have a beach house down on Balboa for the rehearsal dinner as well as a place for some of his friends to stay and a place for his groomsmen to hang out on Saturday.  I loved the idea and immediately went to town looking for places available Labor Day weekend.  The sky's the limit as far as options, just depends how much you want to pay and a lot of places will not rent to you for less than a week.  So these are the ones that we narrowed it down to.

I like this one.  It sleeps a lot of people.  It's a townhome so it's only half of this building and doesn't have the boardwalk in front of it but it would be a little bit quieter location.

This is the front runner right now.  The price is good or at least we think. We keep getting mixed information from the girl were talking to about booking it, so we'll see!

This one doesn't sleep very many people and the owner lives upstairs.  Not ideal.

This was my favorite but when we went to book it, it was already rented. Big bummer!  It was adorable inside and perfect location.

This is my new favorite.  It's a half block off the beach but it's gorgeous inside and brand new.  Doesn't even currently have furniture.

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