Wednesday, March 2, 2011

House Hunting Review

So we went to see all these houses Friday night.  While we liked some of them, none of them have everything were looking for.  What are we looking for exactly?  Well were not sure. I guess I keep thinking we'll know it when we see it.  Unfortunately all the houses were the exact same layout.  I didn't care for that because I wanted to see some variety.  It was like take this house, swap out a cabinet, add a different fireplace, different tile job in the master and voila you have a new house. haha  So here's the review on the ones we went to see.

  • Liked the hardwood floor in the dining room
  • Liked the master and the closet being off the master bathroom
  • Had weird tan colored windows that almost looked mauve at night
  • Liked that we backed up to Ashley and Andy, although they may not be thrilled that we could borrow sugar A LOT! haha
  • The basement was not laid out well for finishing off which is a huge bone of contention for me
All the way around we didn't like this one.  I couldn't write fast enough all the stuff we didn't like so I just wrote DON'T LIKE at the top of my paper

  • The layout was a smidge different than all the rest
  • Dining room and family all open to each other with all hardwood floors that we liked
  • Had a "mudroom" off garage with bench and cubbies to store shoes, coats, scarves, etc
  • Different island in the kitchen that we liked
  • Liked the lighting and the cabinets
  • Three car garage
  • Huge master closet
  • The location wasn't ideal.  Backs up to a bunch of apartments and the street running along side the house is very busy

  • I thought this one was going to be my favorite from the pictures I saw and I thought it had nice curb appeal.  We didn't care for it when we walked in.
  • The kitchen didn't have granite like we had seen in the others
  • It was in the very back of the subdivision and there was no good way to get in or get out
  • It had teeny tiny bedrooms upstairs. 

  • This is the only one we looked at that was not new construction
  • They had it staged very nice but the layout of each room was very odd
  • The colors were awful.  Felt like I had stepped into the house from the movie Fools Rush In.  Not a big fan of a coral/orange dining room
  • The basement was finished which was a nice bonus but there was no storage whatsoever
  • Only two car garage

  • This was probably our favorite of all of them. 
  • It has a monster pantry closet that would be enough to sell me on the house! haha
  • Nice kitchen with granite
  • Nice master with big closet
  • Mudroom with bench and cubbies off the garage
  • Three car garage
  • So definitely in the running but we didn't necessarily love it
  • Don't like the front
  • We like the layout
  • Family room was a little small
  • Loved that the basement in finished
  • Master bedroom is pretty tiny
  • Does have a three car garage
  • Backs up to busy road
  • Not a huge fan of the kitchen layout.  No island to be able to work on.
Back to the drawing board.  We go look at more this weekend.  We'll see if we come any closer to finding one we like. :-)

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