Friday, March 18, 2011


It was a nice break to have a little warm weather, retail therapy, and some good food.  Tami and I went home for a week.  I was going to work on wedding stuff but it was more fun to just relax and take a break from wedding planning for a week. :-)

Our typical spot to see the Hollywood sign.  You can't really see it but I'm telling you it's behind our heads! haha

Tami and I took advantage of Phil and Kate's two day Disney pass and walked our legs off all day.

It started out a little rough.  Everybody and their brother were at Disney that day and the rides we went on at first were pretty lame.

the teacups were a highlight however the ride was about 30 seconds long and they didn't spin nearly as fast as we thought they would. :-)

Our expressions were a little exaggerated since the ride was a little bit of a letdown.

We left Disney and went to California Adventure and stood in line for about an hour to go on California Screamin'.  The day started looking up.  This picture doesn't prove that we had fun on this ride, but I promise we did! haha

We wanted to go on It's a Small World.  We had remembered it from being kids as being one of our favorite rides.  It's actually really lame and not nearly as neat when were 30. haha

Tami was totally enthralled with Small World.  Can't you tell? haha

Best ride of the day at Disney.......Indiana Jones!  We thought it was going to disappoint like the rest of the rides we had waited patiently in line for but we were in for a wild ride!

If this gives any indication! haha

We were literally hanging on for dear life! haha

One last picture of Disney Main Street.  We were tired, broke, feet were bruised and then to top it all off we couldn't figure out where we had parked! haha

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