Monday, March 7, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses are Ordered!

So when I found Lula Kate as the Designer I wanted for the bridesmaids dresses, the only place that carried that line was Bella Bridesmaid.  The closest one to us was downtown Chicago.  So we've been making trip after trip after trip to Chicago to get all my bridesmaids fitted.  With 11 bridesmaids, you can about imagine how tough it is to get everyone's schedules and factor in babysitters for the kids, etc.  So last Saturday was the last fitting so I was able to place the order today.  Thrilling I tell you, thrilling!  It's so nice to just have one more thing out of the way.  I let each girl pick the style and skirt that they wanted.  Lula Kate allows you to mix and match the tops and bottoms and then they custom make into dresses so that way each girl could get exactly what they liked best as far as style and fit. So here are the dresses that were chosen.  Beware, the model in these photos does not do them justice.  They look cuter in person and on.

Bella Bridesmaid is in this cute old buildin on the top floor.  They have just a little boutique so it can get a bit crowded with multiple fittings going on but the girls there are great to work with.  All young and fun and very accommodating!

All the dresses will be green with a hot pink sash but these are the styles.  This is Holly's.


Whitney and Marissa


Nichole and Kaitlin





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