Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm wedding planning hiatus for the short term while were winding down to Whit's wedding.  She's got 45 days left and I'm beginning my job as resident counselor to talk her down off the cliff and keep her sane. haha  Wedding showers have begun and last weekend was like the whirlwind tour of showers.  My mom was here all weekend, working like a dog might I add.  I think she went back home just so she could rest because she didn't get any of that here. haha  I didn't want to post a lot of pictures because I know Whit would like to on her blog, but here a couple of my favorites! :-)

Uncle Kirk heard Whit was having a shower so he got her a shower cap.....fitting! haha Looks more like a chef's hat!

I had a little mishap with my new shoes.  I stepped back and both my feet sank.  I looked down to find my heels caught in the register and I couldn't get them out.  I had to pry them out of there and unfortunately scuffed up my new heels....tear! haha

My aunts threw a lovely shower.  We spent the whole weekend going from one eating engagement to the next.  Needless to say I gained like 5 pounds! haha

Kait will hate me for this picture but I couldn't resist.  She has the fly away alfalfa look going on just sticking out to the side and not on top of her head. haha

Gotta love the candid shot where I didn't get Whit looking at Kait is staring off into space.  My favorite quote of the day from Kait is when she helped Whit open the "simple human" box you see to the right and as she was pulling it out Kait says, "oh it's a chocolate fountain"  Nope it's actually a trash can.  Nice try! haha

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