Monday, March 7, 2011

Off to Cali

Tomorrow is the day!  I'm going home!  Woo hoo!  One whole week out of the 30 degree weather.  And who did I convince to go with me to work all week in California?  Who else?  Tami!  She's always up for my last minute trips and ideas.  Somehow I convinced her that working at my dad's office for a week would be so much fun and she should come along! haha  So while were there I'm hoping to get in some of the following:

Working unfortunately, but I can't take days off because I have to save them for the wedding.

We probably won't be on the beach but I hope to get some sun time in while were there.

We always have to hit up my favorite boutique stores while I'm home.

I want to work out but I doubt we'll see Brittany Spears at the gym! haha

Yogurtland is a definite must!  Were obsessed with this soft serve yogurt.  Brian and I joke half seriously about opening one in Bloomington someday.


  1. stop the joking and start opening! :)
    that kind of rhymed! so excited for u and tam to be here!

  2. you should open one of those frozen yogurt looks awesome!