Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cafe Lights

I've had an obsession with these lights as long as I've had an obsession with the chivari chairs. :-) I think they add ambience that you just don't get from white Christmas lights or other hanging lights. My cousin Megan told me that Target carried these lights and I was thrilled to go and buy them. Her and I toss around event ideas all the time. We meet once a quarter for a marathon dinner and catch up on life. She loves to plan as well and actually does wedding coordinating on the side, so she's a wealth of knowledge for stuff if you ever need it. :-) Like that plug? haha

Were using the cafe lights for Whit's wedding as well, so I started buying them last spring. Bloomington Target didn't feel the need to stock more than 2 at a time, so I bought them all over the place. Bloomington, Peoria, and 4 different Targets in California. Then I also found out the other culprit. Heidi had been buying them from Target as well so she's the reason our store never had any! haha But I stole all hers after she was done with them so it all evened out! JK

Now I'm not exactly sure how were going to hang them exactly but I am hell bent on having them for the reception! haha

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