Sunday, January 30, 2011

House Hunting

So we have some big decisions to make over the next couple months. We haven't decided if were going to buy the house I currently live in from my parents, or if were going to buy something new altogether. To help us along the decision making process, Bev was kind enough to humor us and take us to see some new places in town. So we spent the afternoon with her looking at condos(or as Brian always corrects me and says they are townhomes), new construction homes, and some existing homes the same size as where we are now. I know I left more confused than when we started! haha Brian was loving every minute of it. He loves new construction homes so that's right up his alley. What he loved even more is that Bev and I were just chatting away so he was left to be able to roam around the house uninterrupted! haha

So we'll see where we land. We still have a few more months before we have to make a decision. :-)

This is the last townhome that we took a look at. Definite possibility.