Sunday, January 16, 2011

Engagement Weekend

So the second half of the engagement was going to Chicago to pick up my ring. I was sooooo excited to see it! I had sent Brian a picture from a website that I liked and he sent it on to Phil Saville at New York Jewelers. He hadn't seen the ring either since it wasn't done till Thursday so we were both excited to see it for the first time together.

We had to laugh as we walked in because the door said we buy and loan jewelry and to be honest the main floor looked like I was walking into an episode of Pawn Stars on History Channel. I was beginning to question this jeweler referral at the moment, but there was a guy asking to help us right as we walked through the door. We told him we had an appointment with Phil and Phil came to meet us. He took us through a locked door that he punched a combination into and then our experience totally changed. It was a long hallway of private offices that were all modern and really sheek chairs and tables. He took us to his office and he had an adjoining office with his flat screen tv, nice desk and chair, and a replica of an indy car on the wall. He left for a moment and we noticed his card on the desk that he was the Vice President. That made us feel really secure knowing we were working with an owner. Then he showed us the ring!

Now I know I don't have children but I like to think my instant love for my ring is similar to what a mother feels for a child when they first see their baby. haha Only kidding, but I do love my ring. Phil was so nice and helpful and told us all about cut, clarity and color and just let us sit there while I stared at my hand for like a half hour! haha He gave us some restaurant suggestions and then we did some shopping.

We took his suggestion and went to Joe's Steak and Stone Crab. LOVED IT! Our waitress brought us champagne on the house to toast our engagement. We also had some VERY yummy food!

Brian got the special which was a hashbrown battered flounder that was pan fried and had a chive butter on top. To die for! Then we shared my fried shrimp and these yummy mashed potatos that had fontina and asiago cheese in them with bread crumbs on top and baked. We also each got a cup of crab bisque which was amazing and our waitress also surprised us with their famous key lime pie. I don't even like key lime pie, but she made me a believer.

Just showing off my ring but acting like I'm casually sipping my champagne! haha

I was going for a cool artistic shot but I don't have the talent my cous Tami has so it just looks like we have deformed hands! haha

If you're ever in the Chicago area, definitely make your way to this little gem. We will DEFINITELY be going back. :-)

We were hoping for a picture of downtown, but our "photographer" was a little shaky since she was taking it one handed. She couldn't possibly get rid of the cigarette in her other hand to make her a litte more steady. haha Not only did she not get the tops of the buildings, she didn't wait till that lovely cab was out of the way so it didn't look like we were birthing a Chicago cabby! haha

We started walking thinking we'd just grab a cab and before we knew it, we were at Millenium Park so we definitely walked off our lunch. Brian had never been to the bean so we got a signature Chicago picture in front of the bean. :-)

You'd think they could at least clean off one of Chicago's most popular landmarks so half of downtown was not snow capped in the bean! haha

A future trip to Chicago may include ice skating here. Brian has never been ice skating and I think I would like to be there to witness the deer's first time on ice! haha

We love this town and it was definitely one of our favorite trips! We'll be back Chicago! Hopefully soon! :-)

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