Sunday, January 30, 2011

Engagement Party

Hols put together an engagement party for us last night at Destihl. It was really fun to have some of our bridal party and family together. We did drinks before dinner or at least tried. Our drinks didn't arrive till we sat down for dinner so it wasn't quite the happy hour we were planning on. haha Here are some pictures from the evening.

Whit and Isaac, I had to remind every day multiple times a day so she didn't forget about dinner. She has wedding brain! haha

Jonathan, Naomi and Brian, Jonathan and Naomi are Brian's cousins.


My shirt is supposed to look like that! haha

John and Sona, she makes a mean tonic and rum with a lime. The boys haven't stopped talking about it since they left her house. We were teasing her that she needs to open up Sona's Bar & Grill. haha

Ash, Holly, myself and Kate


Jake, Tim and Luke

Adam and Amy

My hair always seems to cover people up! haha

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