Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've been looking at flowers and pricing out florists lately. It's typical that peonies, my favorite flowers, are for 1. not in season in September, and 2. are some of the more expensive flowers available. Why couldn't I just LOVE baby's breath? haha What I do know is that I want mainly pink flowers with some green flowers thrown in. One of the drawbacks of getting married in California is the prices for EVERYTHING are higher than here, so you really have to hunt and search to find things for reasonable cost. The first florist I talked to wanted to charge me like $100 or more per bridesmaid. With 11 bridesmaids, I wasn't about to spend $1100 just on bouquets, especially after 30 minutes they will get get set down and not needed the rest of the night. The second florist wanted $50-75 a bouquet. We were moving in the right direction but still not to my liking. The third florist came highly recommended by the rental place and they quoted me $30. No were talking! Now I haven't seen any of their examples yet, so unless the bouquets look like a kindergartner arranged them, they are the florist I'm going with! haha

Here are some examples of florals I like and want to mimic

This one is my favorite!


    Keep it up!!!
    I love pic number 3!!!
    My mom picked my flowers! I just wanted the wedding night! haha!-(and yep they had babies breath!)
    Also like pic number 1 and 2!

  2. I also love the third one down and the second from the bottom is so pretty!