Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The wedding workout has begun! I want to be 20 pounds lighter and a lot darker shade of skin tone by September! :-) Ok, so maybe not 20 pounds but I would take 10 and just be toned up. I mean let's be real, nobody likes a fat bride! haha If you've spent any length of time with me, you know that I am a total sucker for tv infomercials especially about workout. I've bought my fair share of stuff off the tv over the years. I recognize now why they have them on at 3am when you're definitely not coherent enough to make a sane decision about a food dehydrator that you can make fruit rollups in. By 7am you realize that that's just a bad decision! haha

However, I did feel that purchasing the Insanity DVD's were a good use of money......that is when I actually do them. They have got to be the toughest workout videos that I have ever done and believe me I have done ALOT! If you didn't catch that part, re-read the paragraph above! :-) Well now with the wedding getting here before you know it, I figured it was time to actually get motivated and get back in shape, so I pulled them back out, said a little prayer yesterday morning and hoped for the best. I was gritting my teeth through the entire workout!

Shaun T(the instructor) and I have a love hate relationship. I love how I feel after I get done with the workout because you've literally exhausted every muscle in your body, but the hate comes in when Shaun T yells at you to do more exercises and he spends half of his time going around the room telling people to go faster or get more reps in. Hmmm, I don't see you doing every exercise. You're too busy sucking on your water bottle to get them all in! haha The best part is when Brian asks me if I've done my workout video because he can't help himself with talking ghetto when he says Shaun T, however it comes out more like ghetto mixed with a little bit of backwoods Kentucky hick! haha "U gonna work out wid Shaaaaaauuuuuunnnnnn T"? haha

I do however at least feel a little sense of relief that all the other people on the video are all sucking wind by the end too, so I know that if these people are in mint condition physically and they are sprawled on the floor after the workout is over, I might not be as bad as I thought! haha

It gets its name honestly! I get up everyday asking myself why I would put myself through that again? Oh that's right, you don't want to be a fat bride! haha Tonya is the girl on the right and she is my hero. I've never seen anyone do as many C-sit leg lifts as she does!

I also love how he takes off his shirt every chance he gets to show off his abs and that he says he can't quite bring his knees in to his chest for stretching because his quads are too big! Slightly full of himself! haha

I totally know how she feels! Shaaaaaaaaauuuuuuun T has the same effect on me! haha

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