Sunday, January 23, 2011


I didn't realize the challenge we would run across with save-the-dates. I must say to begin with that I was not planning on even doing save-the-dates. I didn't want the extra cost of printing and postage and didn't feel they were necessary. My fiance felt otherwise. :-) So I quickly went along with it because I did think they were cute. He told me up front that he didn't want any piece of the planning. Just tell him when to show up and he'd be fine. I was like GREAT! I don't need you cramping my style anyway! haha So I started picking out the save-the-dates and made the mistake of asking his opinion. BIG MISTAKE! haha Then all the sudden he developed an interest in the planning and what I did and sent out and he needed to analyze these save-the-dates. So after much discussion and debate, we landed on these.......

This was my favorite but Brian thought we'd confuse everyone with the Chicago sign when were getting married in California. Good point babe! :-)

We liked the seal but doesn't match our colors and he didn't like the picture of my ring. He thoguht it was dumb to have it on the card. So on to the next option......:-)

Neither of us were a huge fan of this one besides the fact that it had green on it, but you'll notice the date is correct, but the calendar is not. haha

This was an option for a brief moment but the fact that the two pictures didn't go together very well and we look like were popping out of the mirror, we went another route.

Last but certainly not least, may I introduce to you our Save-the-Dates! They don't match our wedding colors, you can barely see us in the photos, it looks like were getting married in the year 2004 but we liked them! haha

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