Monday, February 14, 2011

2nd Valentine's Day Together

Months ago Brian surprised me with tickets to the Jeff Dunham show for Valentine's weekend.  We were looking forward to it because we had never seen him in person but had both seen him on America's Got Talent.  The show didn't start till 8pm so we went to Peoria for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, PV II's.  They have the most amazing lobster bisque and I'm a huge fan of their Ro DeBernardi.  It's a chicken breast that's been pounded out and then rolled up, browned and then wrapped in proscutto, then topped with mushroom cream sauce.  It's paired with another PV II favorite which is the spinach rottola.  It's flat sheets of pasta filled with rocotta cheese and spinach and then rolled up like a pinwheel and covered in what they call a pink sauce.  If you've never been, definitely worth trying out.  We topped off our meal with some chocolate cherry gelato that left us wanting more than the tiny scoops they gave us for $6. haha

I swear my hair looked cute when I walked out the door. What happened to it after that, who knows? haha

We decided to not really do Valentine's gifts this year since it's going to be an expensive year, so we did something small.

What's the key to a man's heart?  A $10 windshield cleaner and some raisinets.  I'm pretty sure he was more excited about these gifts than some of his Christmas gifts! haha  He put this item on our registry and was so excited to get it as a gift from someone. It's the little things that make him happy! haha

I got him the dark chocolate ones for Christmas so he was excited to get the milk chocolate so he could compare which he liked better. :-)

I told him the key to my heart was a cookie cake and some cadbury eggs. He listens so well! haha

We had great seats at the show.  CAT knows how to do it right! :-)

I had one drink and struggled to stay awake the whole night.  Didn't help that the show was like 3.5 hours long. haha

Naomi came as Brent's date.  I thought this was a cute picture of Brian and Naomi.

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  1. I like how he left the pricetag on the cookie! :) I've got to admit, ventriloquists have always been in the same category as clowns for me...they really freak me out. Hope it was a good show! See you Saturday!