Thursday, February 24, 2011

Withdrawal has Kicked in!

I clearly love California based on how often I'm home.  I don't love it enough to actually live there but I love it because I love being able to spend time with my parents, hang out with our puppies, eat some great food, spend money shopping at some cute boutiques and just all around enjoy the consistent weather.  Not to mention, get a little work done here and there. haha

Well I've felt a slight depression coming on because I ALWAYS know when my next trip to California is going to be.  I go home for spring break every year and so I always have a March trip to look forward to.  In years past I have spent pretty much the entire month of March in California so as March quickly is coming upon us, it has saddened me that I have no spring break trip planned.  Kate leaves on the 4th and I have been finding myself really jealous of her getting to go.........UNTIL TONIGHT!

I'M GOING HOME!!! Woo hoo!  I found a flight on Southwest for $99 each eay which is the cheapest I think I've flown home in 10 years.  The best part is I only have a week to wait for the trip to happen because I leave a week from Tuesday.  I love being spontaneous! haha

So I've justified the cost to myself saying that I need to do the following things while I'm home:
  • Meet with the florist
  • Meet with the coordinator
  • Meet with the people at Casa Romantica
  • Figure out a spot for the rehearsal dinner
  • Meet with the bakery for the cake
  • Figure out how to hang lights in our backyard
  • Meet with rental company to lay out the backyard
  • Figure out a videographer
  • Figure out the catering situation
See totally justified in going to California in March! haha

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  1. 99 dollars!? i didn't know your flight was so cheap. thats incredible.
    im excited your coming!