Saturday, February 12, 2011

Artichoke Pots

I had seen this artichoke pot at a florist in California.  They were like $30 a piece and I pulled a Tami and said, I could totally make that! :-)  So I bought all the items I needed to make them.  I've had all of it for a while but Tami is like my side kick when it comes to wedding stuff and any time that I'd think about doing it, I just couldn't seem to bring myself to start without Tami's moral support. haha So last night she came over and she chatted while I worked on the pot, but I felt so much better and motivated having her there! haha

I got some flower foam and wooden skewers for the base.

Then I took a wreath and wrapped ivy around it. 

I needed to cut off the wooden stick and my first instinct was to pick up the knife.  Not a good plan.  I would have been sawing for hours! haha

Wire cutter was a much better plan

Then I glued the wreath to the wooden skewer to get it to stand up on end.

Last, I added spanish moss and an artichoke on either side.  The final product will be a white washed flower pot and a ribbon around the pot.  Didn't get that far last night.

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  1. Good times! I think my favorite moment was still when you took the butcher knife to that stick as if you were going to cut it. It'll be fun to see it with the pot painted.