Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Have a Honeymoon Spot!

We found out this morning that were going to Marriott's Kauai Beach Club.  You may ask, how did you not know till this morning?  Well my parents have a timeshare and you have to bank your weeks into a bank called Interval International.  You can basically go anywhere in the world, but the week has to come free for the place and time you want.  So we had put in multiple requests for different places and found out this morning that Kauai came available.  I'm really excited because I've been to Maui and Kona with my family so it will be fun for both of us to experience a new place together.  Were actually not going on an official honeymoon till December because Brian has the week after Christmas off with CAT for shutdown, so were staying in California after the wedding for a few days which is yet to be determined where we'll stay but our official honeymoon will be at Christmas.  I'm really excited to go somewhere when it's freezing here. haha
Apparently the view from the nearest volcano.  Hope it's dormant! haha

A parasailing couple snapped this photo. :-)

I had to laugh at this picture.  Apparently your stay comes with a couple toddlers! haha

My room

Brian's room haha

Just in case Brian snores, he will be sleeping on this couch all week! haha

Hmm, what can I make with a microwave, a dishwasher, and a coffee maker? haha

I'm not sure what's on the sand next to that ice bucket but it looks like some monster snails, so I may not be too keen on this sunset date. haha

I think you can judge a hotel by its pool.  I'm pretty excited about this one.  I hope they serve drinks by the pool. :-)

What is that thing that is spraying water out of its mouth?  Almost looks like a small child! haha

I'm wondering how you get to the island in the middle to lay out. haha

Is it just me or does that little girl look terrified on that boogie board? I'm not going surfing. haha

I'd go but a wetsuit would not accentuate my curves.....aka fat! haha

This will be me and Brian.  I'll be wearing the sunvisor and long walking shorts while he wears an oversized polos and really tall athletic socks!  Oh and I'll be behind him giving him pointers on where to aim! haha

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  1. So, if you find out that Brian snores and you want to take me instead, I probably wouldn't argue. :) Just gonna put that out there. :)