Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Room

So I've decided I want to do new bedding when Brian and I get married.  I loved my bedding when I first got it but now the rainbow colored bedding has lost its luster in my mind.  I want to go with something a little more classic than so colorful.  OBVIOUSLY I love the color green, so I'm trying to convince Brian to paint our master grass green and then with my black furniture, I'd put all white bedding with black accents on it and white curtains.  He came over Saturday night and I showed him some pictures and he's not COMPLETELY opposed.  Might just take a bit more coaxing. haha  Here are some of the ones I like.

This is my favorite just with white and black bedding instead. 

This is the type of bedding I'd like to go with.


  1. My daughter has a green room just like this with black furniture and white and black accents/accessories. It looks great!

  2. Um, I'd say that I think it's adorable, but I want Brian to like me, so I'll say that it's pleasant. :) Otherwise, you could turn Whit's art room into a green, black, and white room and make it your crafts room! :)

  3. Great news - happy to get the "save the date" card. We are hoping to make it.

    Green is a wonderful healing and peaceful color for a bedroom...and there are many shades possible. And pink makes a good accent too, of course!

    Looking forward to meeting you...perhaps Memorial Day weekend? We have a family tradition in Danvers. Or the next time you are coming into Chicago let me know! How about hearing some live music? We have lots of great places up here.
    Suzanne Kraus