Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Trip

I always talk about how my cousin Tami is my sidekick.  Well she has agreed to the ultimate sidekick adventure by road tripping with me to California the week before the wedding.  She thinks it sounds like fun.  Not sure how 30 hours in a car sounds fun but she's a good sport! haha  With Whit and I sharing a lot of wedding stuff, most of the things I need in California are currently here and need to be transported to California.  We talked about just shipping all of it but there is a lot of glass to transport and I didn't want to pay an arm and leg for all the fragile shipping and run the risk of it getting broken between here and there.  So Tami said she'd go with me so we could have one last hoorah as me being a single lady. :-) 

Were going to be transporting the following things:

  • Cafe lights
  • 6 vases/apothecary jars
  • Gifts for the bridesmaids
  • Bags set
  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Napkin Rings
  • Candles
  • Tealight holders
  • Fish bowls for pool
  • Tealights for pool
  • Runners for tables
  • Programs
  • Pennants
  • Ribbon
  • Things for dessert table
So needless to say were going to have a lot of stuff to transport.  It should be a very interesting trip! haha

Were going to have to come up with lots of road games to play.  Tami, you're in charge of those.  I'll make the play list! haha

We may not be this smiley 25 hours in! haha

We are going to be sporting this flashy ride cross country.  Honk if you see us! haha

This is how I foresee us packed into the minivan with all that stuff. haha


  1. Okay, a few things...

    1. I'm glad you made a list because I've needed it when I try to explain to people what all we're taking!

    2. I'm awesome at road-tripping...especially coming up with the entertainment. And yes, we're going to bust out the alphabet AND license plate game.

    3. That last picture is HILARIOUS, as that's pretty much how I'm picturing things looking! Steph suggested we bubble wrap everything, including the car just in case we get in an accidents. Probably not a bad idea.

    4. And Yes Kait, you should DEFINITELY come!!! It would be a BLAST!!! You see that green suitcase behind boy on the right? That's where you can lay for a few hours and then I'll trade places for another few. :) If we get sick of it, we can slowly unload some of the stuff at gas stations when Tara isn't looking. She'll never know! Oh wait, she's got that list. Dang.