Sunday, February 6, 2011

What do all these things have in common?

You would think with all these items we were going on some kind of strange camping trip, but surprisingly enough all of these items are for Whit's wedding. We spent the day running errands and picking up some of the final items for Whit's wedding. 

We started out at Kinkos getting Whit's programs printed.  She walked in without the jump drive or computer assuming that they could print them for her through mental telepathy! haha Wedding brain has sunk in completely. :-)  The place was a ghost town so we were assuming we'd just wait on them and then spend the next couple hours slicing and putting programs together.  The lady told us they'd be ready after 4pm and it was 11:30am when we got in there.  We kind of looked around dumbfounded how it would take 5.5 hours to print off 250 copies, but we shrugged it off and left.

We then went to Goodwill.  Were always amazed with this place how everytime we go we have to park around the car in the nearby neighborhood because the parking lot is packed.  I didn't know Goodwill was such a popular place to shop. :-)  Whit needed paperback books, so we quickly went to work demolishing their paperback book section collecting lots of trashy novels because they were the thickness we needed. haha  She's tearing off the covers and using them for centerpieces, hence the twine. :-)  We ended up with about 26 books anywhere from love stories, to spiritual books, to books about racecar drivers.  I'm sure the cashier thought we were either avid readers of ALL different kinds of literature or just book collectors. haha

We then met Grandma and Cara for lunch at Logan's which was fun to catch up with them and talk about disasterous weddings we've heard about and reflecting back on our parent's wedding and how someday our kids will probably scoff at our weddings just like we do about my mom's burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. haha

Then we headed to Meijer where we fought the superbowl planning crowds to get twine, fishing line(to hang puff balls), cable ties(to hang cafe lights), and gold spray paint.  Thankfully no one was shopping in the hardware section so we got in and out pretty fast! haha

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