Thursday, February 3, 2011


A week or two ago Tami and I got together and we tried out some hairstyles with my hair for the wedding.  She thought it would only take like 20 minutes to curl my whole head.  Have you seen my hair??  I'm like a chia pet!  haha So the 20 minutes turned into like an hour and a half and I was a cluster of curls.  If Grandma Huber were still alive, she would have been so happy to see these curls because I definitely was resembling Shirley Temple. :-)  I would post pictures of the up do that we tried but every picture Tami took gave me three chins.  I mean I know I need to lose weight but the pictures were a little exaggerated! haha  So here are some ideas of what I'd like to do if possible.


  1. The middle hairstyle is really pretty. really similar to what i want for my wedding. I think you should get hair extensions haha, and do the middle one!

  2. They're all really pretty but I love the last one, especially!

  3. I should definitely send you the pictures we took 'cause I'd love to read your commentary on those images! :) I love all three, so basically, I don't think you could go wrong!