Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mauzi and Ditto

 These little squirts bring a lot of joy to our lives.  Ditto is on the left and Mauzi is on the right.  When we had to put Kutcher down last fall, we were all heartbroken over losing our family dog.  Kutcher was truly a part of the family and we knew nothing would completely replace her but getting two new puppies definitely helped. :-)  Ditto is the mastermind behind all of their jail breaks and Mauzi is just a brute who pushes her way through.  They're a great little team! haha We come home to find that they've broken out of their pen while we've been gone and had a grand ole time in our absence and then they happily meet us at the door when we get home usually with spanish moss hanging out of their mouths that they've pulled out of the plants in their time of freedom! haha

One thing we have to decide is where to put them during the reception.  We know they'd have a great time greeting everyone and barking at them not to mention racing around the backyard, but I'm not sure that is exactly the best idea. haha  So they may be penned up in the garage, but they'll be thrilled to have visitors if you want to pet them! haha
This would be Mauzi with pillow stuffing hanging out of her mouth!  They chew on everything!

They love to dig in the dirt.  We always joke that they are part pig because they come in looking like they have little hooves. haha

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