Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beverage Buckets

Along with the beverage dispensers, I also wanted to have colored bottled soda in beverage tubs.  I found some nice bronze beverage tubs at Target on clearance so I snatched them up and now I'm trying to decide which drinks to go with.  I love the Jones soda bottles because they're so fun and colorful.  You can actually have them put your picture on the label, but I doubt I'll go to that much trouble. I like the look of them even plain.  But they have green(green apple) and hot pink(fufu berry) that I think will be cute in a beverage tub iced down. 

This is kind of similar to the beverage bins I found at Target.

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  1. Um, have I ever told you that I LOVE Jones drinks?! I don't even remember what they taste like, but I still love them so much 'cause they're so cute and have really cute caps. :) Or maybe that's Izzy drinks...oops, can't remember. Either way, such a fun idea!