Monday, February 7, 2011


My parents have some wicker furniture like this on their side patio which is where everyone will be entering the house for the reception.  I thought it would be cute to have some colored throw pillows for the furniture that match the wedding colors.

What I want is some pillows like these.  However finding them is not as easy as I had thought.  The website I found them on seems to be out of all of them and on top of that, they are just pillow covers, you still have to buy the inserts.  So I thought maybe I'd just make them but trying to find fabric posed to be an even more difficult task.  Guess I'll wait till it gets closer to Easter.  There's got to be some pink and green throw pillows somewhere. :-)

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  1. So, I have an should package everything you've bought for your wedding and then sell it as a wedding kit on ebay after your done!!! Seriously, with all these details that no one else would think about, you could probably make some money! :)